Winston Hancock - Stone on the Ground

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"Stone on the Ground"

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Stone on the Ground

Words and music by R. W. Hancock

The first time I saw her
Was on the evening news
Pleading for the witnesses to tell her
Why her life was destroyed that day
On a bridge out Rosedale way
Her only son's body was found
Now she finds her solace in tears she sheds
Over a stone on the ground

Eighteen years old with a scholarship
Headed for the N.B.A.
"I'm gonna go meet some friends tonight"
They were the last words she heard him say
Was it guns or money or drugs or turf
They were the rumours goin' round
One thing for sure he's much too young
To be asleep under a stone on the ground

The last time I saw her
She was talkin' 'bout her faith being strong
Island justice keeps control
And the witnesses never made a sound
There will be a day
She knows there will be a day
When Jesus will roll away
That stone on the ground
Yeah Jesus will roll away
That stone on the ground

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